Heritage Rose Inventory

Living Rose inventory, ‘The Shambles” Montville 2018, Kyleigh and Michael Simpson.

G.Nabbonand (Tea Rose)
G.Nabbonand (Tea Rose)

Old roses, grown almost exclusively from cutting form the basis of our collection. Most are Tea or China type roses but there is always room for more modern and Australian Roses.

Many of the roses listed are well established and flower freely. Some are less successful, due to reduced disease resistance in our humid climate and reduced sunlight in some areas of our shady garden. There is no irrigation system. Supplemental feeding with Sulphate of potash and Epsom salts together with organic material does benefit our roses. Limited and judicious pruning is done as they do not always survive aggressive pruning in our warm climate. Unfortunately a heavy prune in July 2015 set them back considerably, but almost all are recovering with many new cuttings planted in 2016,2017 and more in 2018



DSCF0754THE SHAMBLES ROSE purchased as PINK CASCADE  (TEA,MODERN,SEMIDOUBLE, REMONTANT CUTTING) This is not the miniature, by Moore USA. Seems robust, disease resistance and has beautiful short lasting deep pink single to semi-double flowers. Low maintenance. From Mapleton Hardware, Bred at a nursery on Mt Tambourine?, parentage unknown, very good rose.looking very much like a China rose. Front Path Garden, South and North Rose gardens.

Comtesse de Labarthe, or the Montville Rose, one of the Heritage Roses at "The Shambles
Comtesse de Labarthe, or the Montville Rose, one of the Heritage Roses at “The Shambles

DUCHESSE DE BRABANT syn COMTESSE DE LABARTHE (Tea,  DOUBLE REMONTANT all from cuttings) An excellent rose in South East Queensland. Disease free, flowers freely summer and winter, highly perfumed and tolerant of shade. Strikes easily from cutting. Very low maintenance. Bernede, France 1857 In most of our rose gardens and Montville Uniting Church gardens.

BLOOMFIELD ABUNDANCE also known possibly erroneously as SPRAY CECILE BRUNNER ( RAMBLER,DOUBLE  REMONTANT from cuttings)A successful tall growing rose in that the button hole roses are best appreciated when first opening. Disease free and low maintenance. Thomas USA 1920 Front Path Garden

LIONELS DOUBLE PINK CHINA A seedling, ours a cutting from the original from Woodford.  with Double pink scented blooms resembling the Tea rose Comtesse de Labarthe except that blooms are held upright without the Tea rose “weak neck”. “Lionel’s Pink China rose” a seedling Lionel says he bred from “Cecile Brunner’. Growing strongly at Leonie Kearneys garden at Samsonvale. Front Path Garden

“ALLY’S ROSE” R.O.R. (multiflora hybrid?). Single repeat flowering in pink with white throat. This rose is not unlike BALLERINA in flower but has more compact habit. Bred at Buderim by John Skilbeck Front Path garden, South Rose garden, Central Lawn and Borders, North Rose Garden, Central Shrub garden

HERITAGE  (ENGLISH ROSE,DOUBLE  REMONTANT grafted)A beautiful flower and a reasonably sturdy shrub. Moderate disease resistance. Humid weather does cause some foliage disease. High Maintenance. Austin, UK, 1984 North Rose garden

MME LAMBARD. (TEA,DOUBLE  REMONTANT from cuttings)     An excellent, tall sturdy and disease free rose. The mid-pink double flowers have a sturdier neck than Comptesse de Labarthe. Low maintenance. Lacharme, France, 1864 Two, North Lawn border garden

FREIHERR VON MARSCHALL.(Rose given to us as this name) (TEA,DOUBLE  REMONTANT from cutting) A reliable disease free rose with beautiful full pink blooms. Low maintenance. Lambert,Germany,1903 South Rose Garden (identity is challenged!)

CLAIR MATIN  (HYBRID MUSK,SEMI-DOUBLE  REMONENT from cutting)Reliable tall growing shrub or climber. We have seen beautiful flowering . Seems to be a strong and low maintenance rose.   Meilland,France,1960 South Rose Garden

G.NABONNAND which came to us as JEAN DUCHER (TEA, DOUBLE REMONTANT grafted) This is one of the choice soft pink double roses in the garden and one of our few grafted roses left. Delicious perfume, Tall, freely flowering and Low maintenance.  Nabbonand, France, 1874 Two in South Rose garden. One from cutting Front path Garden.

MME BERKELEY (TEA,DOUBLE REMONTANT from cutting) Strong reliable free flowering shrub. Flowers are smaller, at times, but beautiful. Very low  maintenance. Bernaix,France 1899 Fenced Rose Garden, North lawn Borders.

BABE  (POLYANTHA,SEMI-DOUBLE REMONTANT from cutting) Seems to be quite reliable. Not in a good spot and disease resistance moderate. Doesn’t seem to flower as readily as tea and china roses. Moderate maintenance poor health. Hazelwood, Australia, 1935 North Lawn Border garden/pool fence

MRS B.R.CANT (TEA,DOUBLE REMONTANT, grafted) strong but untidy looking bush. The flowers are full and a beautiful deep pink. Moderate disease resistance and requires some maintenance. Cant,UK, 1901 Cuttings grown South Rose garden,

LAURE DAVOUST (MULTIFLORA HYBRID, DOUBLE CLIMBER) Once (spring or summer) flowering pink climber with a subtle perfume. Laffay, France 1834 South Rose Garden.

THE FAIRY  (POLYANTHA,DOUBLE REMONTANT transplant from old garden) Otherwise known here as “CARAMEL SWIRL” after a former pet mouse buried thereunder. Hardy, flowers freely but foliage is disease prone. Moderate maintence, low growing and thorny, needs frequent foliage care.  Bentall,UK,1932 Front path garden

OLD BLUSH CHINA   (CHINA, SEMI-DOUBLE, REMONTANT from cutting) Tough and a little twiggy and unimpressive at times , but a reliable rose and very low maintenance. Flowers short lived and foliage sparse at times. Before 1750, China parent North Rose garden

LA MARNE  (NOISETTE, DOUBLE REMONTANT from cutting) New in 2005 in our garden. Establishing well and seems to promise low maintenance. Flowers are small and quite beautiful small, double crimson colour. Front Path garden,

ROSA MULTIFLORA Pink, (SPECIES, SINGLE Spring flowering, all from cutting) We have a number of these very strong, low maintenance specimens about which are quite lovely in flowering season when very established. Easy to grow , smaller leaves can be disease prone. Trellis back stairs,Driveway garden

“MRS E.V.MARSH” given to us as this name, (? Pink/Cream/double Tea  from cutting) this rose resembles Tea rose Mrs. Dudley Cross. Roses may have more yellow than pink in them at times. Front Path garden

BEAUTY OF GLENHURST (MODERN SINGLE, REMONTANT from cutting)Very vigorous, strong, repeat single flowers without perfume. Very attractive colour. Very rewarding and low maintenance. Morley, Australia, 1979 South Rose garden,, North Rose Garden

ALBERTINE  (CLIMBER ,DOUBLE SPRING ONLY, grafted) Big thorny climber. One for the enthusiast really. Moderate disease resistance and high maintenance. Once a year the form and colour of buds and flowers are so lovely this rose is almost worthwhile. Barbier, France,1921 South Rose Garden trellises

UNCLE TOM given to us as this name, resembles PARADE? (MODERN SHRUB, REMONENT, from cutting) Established very strongly with no evidence of foliage disease. This may be a beautiful double pink climber Breeding of Parade is .Boener,USA,1953 Front Path garden

PERL D’OR (REMONTANT,NOISETTE,DOUBLE,CUTTING),strong specimen, beautiful, reliable, low maintenance. This is an exquisite garden rose, especially in bud. Rambau, France 1875 Fenced Rose garden, Front Path Gaden

ELMSHORN (MODERN ,SEMI-DOUBLE  REMONTANT cutting)long thorny canes on a very vigorous plant with moderate disease resistance. very pretty flower clusters, no perfume. moderate maintenance. Kordes, Germany, 1951 South Rose garden trellises

YESTERDAY (POLYANTHA, SINGLE REMONTANT cutting)Long thorny canes make this a bit harder to accommodate. strong reliable, pretty single flowers in clusters. moderate maintenance in maintaining a shape.Harkness,UK,1974 Front Path garden

“STANS LAIDLEY ROSE” R.O.R.  (POLYANTHA FROM CUTTING) Low growing shrub with beautiful small double pink flowers in clusters. North Rose garden

BALLERINA (Multiflora hybrid, single, grafted). Low growing shrub,high maintenance and few flowers in our climate.  Bentall, UK, 1937 South Rose garden

ZEPHIRINE DROUHIN, (DOUBLE CLIMBER, GRAFTED) Thornless canes on a very vigourous climbing rose with delightful double crimson flowers. Fantastic size and flowring after being transplanted to our pool fence 2009. Bizot France,1868 Pool Fence Central lawn Borders

MONSIEUR TILLIER  (TEA,DOUBLE  REMONTANT both grafted and from cuttings.)A lovely healthy rewarding rose, disease resistance moderate to good, low maintenance, interesting flower form and colour. Bernaix, France, 1891 Fenced Rose garden, South Rose Garden

RENAE (SEMI DOUBLE, CLIMBING POLYANTHA), Repeat flowering climber Moore, USA, 1954 South Rose garden  NorthTrellis

TRIOMPHE DU LUXEMBOURG  acquired by us as this name  ( TEA ROSE, FROM CUTTING, REMONTANT) Double pink flowers, needs support, a beautiful rose.Hardy, France,1835 1835  South Rose garden

QUEENS ELIZABETH (Modern shrub, double , grafted) Struggles on as most of our grafted specimens do. Lammerts USA 1954 South Rose garden

THE STRAW ROSE (? Modern Quite Miniature) From cutting Tiny flower clusters Front path garden

SEDUCTION ( From Cutting, Mackinlays Nursery Pittsworth) Beautiful semidouble Meilland, France 1988 Central lawn and Borders, North Rose Garden

DAN PONCET  Pink blend  Grafted bare rooted shrub  Carmine-pink.  Strong fragrance.  Full (26-40 petals), reflexed bloom form.  Dark green foliage.  Guillot Bred by Dominique Massad (France, 1999). South Rose garden near hedge

PAPILLON Tea rose, medium sized semi double blooms that start from pointed buds opening to a melody of pink tones being richer pink petals in the middle having a yellow base fading to creamy pink to white on the outer petals. 1881 Gilbert Nabonnand. ( ‘Papillon’ we have is probable a Tea Rose quite a tall grower and after the style of General Galleini and General Schablinke. Leonie Kearney)

UNIDENTIFIED PINK No. 2 ? ANNA OLIVIER Arching climber or shrub small pointed leaved, clusters of small untidy pink to apricot flowers in summer only so far. (front embankment)

UNIDENTIFIED PINK No 3. Low shrub, miniature. Tiny very double pink/mauve flowers. Moderate only disease resistance Fenced Rose garden


HOME RUN  From Cutting , Shrub Rose, Single Red repeat flowering Tom Carruth USA 2001. Acquired from Penny Mackinlay april 2016

LOUIS XIV   (DEEP RED TEA,DOUBLE REMONTANT from cutting) Frail, small ,but healthy  rose. Exquisite deep red/black blooms. moderate/low maintenance. Guillot, France 1859 Front path garden LOST 2016

GLOIRE DES ROSOMANES (RAGGED ROBIN)  (SINGLE CRIMSON, REMONTANT from cutting)Vigorous low maintenance shrub with healthy foliage. very interesting flowers and colour.Introduced in France by Jean-Pierre Vibert in before 1836 as ‘Gloire des Rosomanes’. Introduced in Australia by Hazlewood Bros. Pty. Ltd. in before 1911 as ‘Gloire des Rosomanes’. China / Bengale, Hybrid Bourbon. Plantier  France, 1825.   Front Path garden

RED POLYANTHA  R.O.RLow growing , crimson to red semi-double flowers. From cutting. (“Red Polyantha”  is a really early polyantha rose and much confusion about its name.  ‘Eutin’  and ‘Pacific Triumph’ are possible names.  It has been around old gardens in Brisbane for the past 60 years or so.  It is a great performer.  Mine came from my Grandmothers garden at Mt Mee. Leonie Kearney). Front Path Garden

GRANDMA FREDERICKS  ROSE R.O.R. Tall growing , fully double pink to crimson flowers . From Cutting (‘Grandma Fredericks Rose’  is a found rose from South Australia and is a great rose for our gardens. I bought it in South Australia from the Conference. Leonie Kearney) Front Path Garden

CAMNETHAN HOUSE CHERRY RED TEA ROSE  Foundling from Camnethan House, Smeaton VIC. Tea. Cherry red, turning crimson–blue. From cutting, acquired from Leonie Kearney. Front Path Garden

CRAMOISI SUPERIEUR (CHINA,DOUBLE REMONTANT all from cutting) Healthy, low growing, sparse foliage and twiggy. very low maintence, lovely small double crimson flowers reliably through the season. Coquereau, France 1832 front path Garden, South Rose garden, North Rose Garden.

ROSA CHINENSIS SEMPREVERENS (CHINA, DOUBLE, RECURRENT from cutting. Acquired in 2012 . LOW VIGOUR One to trial in Front Path Garden

FABVIER  (CHINA? SEMI-DOUBLE ,REMONTANT cutting). small, somewhat twiggy shrub, healthy, low maintenance. interesting small semi-double blooms with a central streak of white. Front Path garden                           

RESTLESS (ALISTER CLARK,DOUBLE RED,REMONTANT all from cuttings) Lovely healthy, low maintenance shrub, reliable double red blooms.Clark, Australia, 1938 North Rose Garden, 

RED CASCADE (,MINIATURE, DOUBLE, from cutting), Beautiful clusters of perfect red miniature roses on a low scrambling or climbing bush. North Rose garden

RED PIERRE DE RONSARD (DOUBLE RED CLIMBER, REPEAT FLOWERING,grafted). On trial in a good sunny position. This rose made a good start in 2010 but our wet weather may defeat it. Sport of Meilland “Pierre de Ronsard” Not great, Rarely flowers. trellis at Back Stairs.

BLOOMFIELD COURAGE  ( RED RAMBLER,SINGLE SPRING all from cuttings) Once flowering and disease prone in a quite shaded position. moderate maintenance so far, spring flowers are attractive .Thomas, USA 1925 North East Border, North Trellis South Rose garden.

GENERAL GALLIENI   (TEA,DOUBLE REMONTANT grafted)A lovely strong rose with low disease risk, low maintenance and very interesting polychrome red flowers. South Rose garden

KNOCK OUT  The bloom cycle produces rich cherry red/hot pink blooms that will continue until the first hard frost. From Penny McKinlay 2018 Black spot resistant, drought tolerant and self-cleaning, Bred by William J. Radler, USA, 1999. Front Path Garden

DOUBLE KNOCK OUT CUTTINGS GROWN This rose is much like the original ‘Knock Out’, but with a higher petal count (approx. 30-35 petals). The flowers are a very similar shade of glowing cherry red, the disease resistance is just as good. From Penny McKinlay 2018 William J. Radler, USA  North Rose garden

MR LINCOLN   CUTTINGS GROWN HYBRID TEA large fragrant deep red DOUBLE blooms flowering at the end of long stems Bred by Swim & Weeks, USA, 1964 this very tall growing rose to 1.8 metres. From Penny McKinlay 2018  North Rose Garden

KARDINAL (Modern from grafted source, repeat flowering) Double red flowering. Miserable and small 2018 Floribunda Kordes Germany 1985 North Rose garden

THE SQUIRE Dark red.  Grafted English rose. Strong, old rose fragrance.  Full (26-40 petals) bloom form.  Blooms in flushes throughout the season. David  Austin (United Kingdom, 1977) South Rose garden. Lost 2017

AVON Grafted Hybrid Tea.  Dark red.  Strong fragrance.  23 petals.  Blooms in flushes throughout the season.  Thornless (or almost) Bred by Dr. Dennison H. Morey (United States, 1961). Introduced in Australia by Hazlewood Bros. Pty. Ltd. in 1964 as ‘Avon’. Really struggling 2018  Front Path garden


ROSETTE DELIZY (TEA, DOUBLE  REMONTANT from cutting) A rose with fabulous health and very low maintenance. Interesting freely bourne double blooms in pink and cream. Flowers are yellow, carmine-pink edges, apricot highlights.  Tea fragrance.  One of our best and easiest to grow Nabonnand, France, 1922 Fenced Rose garden, North Rose gardens. South Rose Garden near hedge.

HUGO ROLLER  (TEA,DOUBLE  REMONTANT grafted) 2 strong grafted specimens from Penny McKinley at Pittsworth are establishing and flowering well. front path garden

MUTABILIS  (CHINA,SINGLE REMONENT 2 grafted, 1 from cutting) Very interesting rose of outstanding vigour, disease resistance and is low maintenance, but for the need to reduce overabundant growth. The single flowers of yellow/pink/apricot on the one shrub at the same time.    Before 1894, ?Chinese garden rose South Rose garden, North Rose garden. Central Lawn and borders

MRS DUDLEY CROSS (TEA,DOUBLE REMONTANT grafted)A beautiful thornless grafted rose which struggles at times, moderate disease resistance and maintenance. Beautiful flowers make it worthwhile. Paul UK 1907 Two, South Rose garden

WILLIAM MORRIS (ENGLISH ROSE,DOUBLE REMONTANT grafted). A beautiful perhaps spectacular flower, but disease resistance is disappointing and maintenance is high in our humid area.  Austin, UK  North Rose garden, POOR SPECIMEN

SOUVENIR DE MADAME LEONIE VIENOTT. (TEA DOUBLE CLIMBER from cutting) Vigourous seemingly healthy and low maintenance climber. Fabulous flowers.Bernaix, France, 1898 North Rose garden trellis, South Rose garden trellis.

MARIE VAN HOUTTE 1, 2005 (TEA, DOUBLE, REMONTANT,cutting) Lovely strong rose, the very double tea roses have very weak stems. Ducher, France, 1871 North Rose garden

LAUREN EMMA Climber from cutting Kate Stock. Resembles Souvenir de Mme Leonie Vienott. Vigorous. South Rose garden over gate


SAFRANO (TEA, DOUBLE REMONTANT from cuttings) A reliable rose of tall strong growth. Low maintenance, beautiful if somewhat small flowers freely bourne.  One of our strongest and best performers. Beauregard, France, 1839 North Rose garden

ARETHUSA  (CHINA, DOUBLE REMONTANT from cutting) low maintenance, beautiful flowers in bud and when developed on a shrub which resembles Perl D’Or .Paul, UK, 1903 Fenced Rose garden

CREPUSCULE  (NOISETTE,DOUBLE REMONTANT 1 grafted, 2 from cutting) An outstanding vigorous rose with moderate to good disease resistance and low maintenance. Very eye catching flower form and bright apricot colour in our garden.Dubreuil, France, 1904 South Rose garden

BUFF BEAUTY  (MODERN, DOUBLE REMONTANT from cutting) A robust rose with strong canes and exceptional flowers. Moderate disease resistance and higher maintenance due to management required to long canes and foliage disease. worthwhile. Bentall, UK, 1939 Central Lawn Borders/Pool Fence

“KAYS APRICOT CHINA” (ROR) 2 2010 (CHINA CUTTING) Double Apricot perhaps “Perl D’Or or  to be identified. Front Path garden, Very slow to establish.                 

PAUL BOCUSE (MODERN, GRAFTED, DOUBLE, REMONTANT) A gift from Ruth and Tom Moroney. Seems to throw long canes and is quite vigourous. Massad/Guillot France 1992 South Rose garden

ABRAHAM DARBY Grafted English Rose Apricot and light pink, lighter edges.  Strong, fruity fragrance.  70 petals.  Average diameter 5″.  Large, very full (41+ petals), cluster-flowered, in small clusters, cupped, old-fashioned, quartered bloom form.  Prolific, continuous (perpetual) bloom throughout the season.  Large buds. David C. H. Austin (United Kingdom, 1985) South Rose Garden


PEACE 1902 (double yellow, Tea , remontant, from cutting), A beautiful vigorous double tea rose bred from cutting. Originally bred to commemorate the end of the Boer War. Piper, UK, 1902 Central lawn Borders, South Rose garden

SOFTEE (SEMI DOUBLE, SMALL FLOWERING ?CLIMBER cutting) Beautiful pale yellow buds opening to cream flower clusters, twiggy growth prone to blackspot but vigorous with it. Moore USA 1983 North Rose garden

MRS OAKLEY FISHER (SINGLE YELLOW, REMONTANT grafted) moderate maintenance. Poor vigour in our climate. The flowers are a very special single yellow. Cant UK 1921 Front Path garden LOST 2016

ISABELLA SPUNT (TEA, DOUBLE  REMONTANT from cutting) Beautiful pale, lemon yellow colour double tea rose on a vigorous shrub.Isabella Sprunt Discovered by Rev. James M. Sprunt (United States, 1855). Introduced in United States by Isaac Buchanan in 1865 as ‘Isabella Sprunt’. Introduced in Belgium by Verschaffelt in 1867 as ‘Isabella Sprunt’. Strong fragrance.  Large, semi-double (9-16 petals) bloom form but not long lasting.  Blooms in flushes throughout the season. Sport of Safrano, USA 1855. Front Path garden

PERLE DES JARDINS (TEA, DOUBLE, REMONTANT from cutting by Kate Stock) Very Vigourous but prone o balling up in wet weather. Levet,France 1874 Front Path garden

PERLE DE JARDINS # 2 ROR ? possibly ETOILE DE LYON Guillot, France 1876 (TEA, DOUBLE, REMONTANT from cutting by Kate Stock) This is probably PER; DES JARDINS really as they look much the same to me. front Path garden

LADY HILLINGDON (TEA, DOUBLE, 2 from cutting Mackinlays Nursery Pittsworth) Two specimens doing well . Lowe and Shawyer UK 1910. South Rose garden CUTTINGS SPECIMENS LOST. REPLACED WITH GRAFTED FROM PENNY MACKINLAY 2016

UNKNOWN YELLOW No 1. 3 examples (MODERN DOUBLE REMONTANT TRANSPLANTS AND CUTTINGS)Whatever these specimens are they have reliable disease free foliage and quite beautiful double yellow blooms with a form resembling a modern shrub. Disease free and low maintenance. Front Path garden

GRAHAM THOMAS (ENGLISH ROSE,DOUBLE REMONTANT grafted and 2 from Cutting Mackinlays Nursery) Strong shrub moderate disease resistance and maintenance. Beautiful butter yellow double flowers.Austin, UK, 1983 Central lawn Borders

ROSA BANKSIAE LUTEA (SPECIES, SPRING FLOWERING, from cutting). This reliable rose was planted as a present from Kay and Earl Simpson and has flowered reliably for many years with small double yellow tresses of blooms. East Border gardens


PROSPERITY  (HYBRID MUSK,DOUBLE REMONTANT all from cuttings) A vigorous and beautiful white rose but canes grow long and disease resistance is low to moderate so maintenance is an issue.  Pemberton UK, 1919 Fenced Rose garden, Front Path Garden

MOONLIGHT (MODERN DOUBLE REMONTANT all from cuttings) Vigorous and disease free. Cuttings establish easily and seems to tolerate shade. Low maintenance, flower frequency only moderate. Poor vigour and disease resistance. Pemberton UK 1913 Front Embankment, South Rose garden

COUSIN ESSIE  (MODERN AUST, DOUBLE REMONTANT cutting from Pittsworth) Vigorous and disease free. Low maintenance. South Rose garden 

MME JOSEPH SCHWARTZ (TEA,DOUBLE REMONTANT from cuttings) A favourite roses, moderate vigour but low maintenance and repeat flowering with lovely perfume. In our area known as the white Montville Rose.  Schwartz, France 1880 North Rose garden, front Path garden

THE ALLIES or perhaps OUR ALLIES, (POLYANTHA, DOUBLE cuttings, Remontant) Low growing shrub, small leaves with red margins. Clusters of globular pale pink buds open to beautiful double flower white in centre, pink or mauve guard petals. Sometimes double pink “The Allies” Heers, (Manly Queensland) Australia 1930. “Our Allies” W J Matthews, Queensland 1915 Front Path Garden, Gatehouse.

AIMEE VIBERT (NOISETTE, DOUBLE REMONTANT from cutting) Establishing very easily, low disease and low maintenance, beautiful white flower clusters.Vibert, France, 1828 Wisteria Arch

ROSA LAEVIGATA (SPECIES, SINGLE SPRING cuttings from Toowoomba) Tough and low disease, low maintenance.Because of its reputation as a handful has been moved to a remote spot where there are trees it may take over. On trellis concrete tank, driveway

ADÉLAÏDE D’ORLÉANS  Rambling Rose from Penny McKinlay 2018 One of the most beautiful rambling roses. Produces great quantities of creamy white, semi-double blooms, which hang elegantly in dainty sprays. Almost evergreen. Very healthy. Ideal for shade Bred by Antoine Jacques in France 1826

LAMARQUE syn GLENGALLON ROSE (NOISETTE, DOUBLE, REPEAT cutting from Glengallon Homestead on their Open day). Vigourous free flowering semi-double open white flowers. Mareschal, France, 1830 Doing badly in Pool Yard, to be transplanted.

MME ALFRED CARRIERE (NOISETTE, DOUBLE WHITE, REMONTANT, grafted). Beautiful apple green new foliage on this tall growing , climbing rose. On trial in a sunny but a little hostile area. Schwartz, France, 1879 Doing Poorly in Pool Yard. Lost 2017

MULTIFLORA Tiny single white flowers from cuttings, A rose at “Banksia Cottage” Toowoomba Front Path garden, South Rose garden, Front Path Garden

ROSA BANKSIAE NORMALIS ALBA, (Single White)  Lady Banks’ rose,  Banks’ rose, The rose is named for Lady Banks, the wife of the botanist Sir Joseph Banks. It is a species of spring flowering, native to central and western China, in the provinces of Gansu, Guizhou, Henan, Hubei, Jiangsu, Sichuan and Yunnan, at altitudes of 500–2,200 m. The species was introduced to Europe by William Kerr, who had been sent on a plant-hunting expedition by Sir Joseph Banks. He bought the first Lady Banks’ Rose, subsequently named the white Lady Banks (R. banksiae var. banksiae) from the famous Fa Tee nursery in 1807


VEILCHENBLAU  (RAMBLER, SINGLE SPRING 1 from graft(Perrots), 1 from cutting Maleny)Low to moderate disease resistance, good vigour, low maintenance, The semi-double purple flowers are well worth the wait.   Schmidt Germany, 1909 South Rose garden Trellis, Front Embankment.                           

VIOLETTE (RAMBLER, SINGLE, Spring flowering only) On next trellis to above Veilchenblau but clearly different in colour South Rose trellis

NARROW WATER  (NOISETTE, DOUBLE  REMONTANT from cutting) Lovely mauve flower clusters, Good disease resistance and Low maintenance. Daisy Hill Nursery, Ireland, 1883 South Rose garden

PROFESSEUR GANIVIAT syn. PRINCESSE DE SAGAN, (CHINA ? TEA, DOUBLE REMONTANT from cutting)  A beautiful rose of outstanding vigour and beautiful flower form and colour. Very low maintenance high disease resistance. Very worthwhile. Perrier France, 1890 Front Path Garden, Central lawn Borders, East Border Gardens,

“WARWICK ROSE” syn. ANNA DE DIESBACH  (HYBRID PERPETUAL ,DOUBLE,FROM CUTTING Leonie Kearney) lacharme,France, 1858 Weak Specimen, Front Path garden

REINE DES VIOLETTES (DOUBLE MAUVE,from cutting) Usually a very stout rose, struggling to succeed in our wet conditions. Millet and Mallet France 1860 Weak Specimen Front path gardens


MAURICE UTRILLO (MODERN DELBARD, grafted),beautiful flowers, disease prone no matter what they say. Not a patch on “princesse de Sagan” standing next to it.Delbard France. Front Path garden, Near back Stairs

TIGER  (MODERN SHRUB, DELBARD) Red and Cream striped flowers and hopefully disease resistance. from Brindabell nursery Toowoomba, gift from  Chris Donlen, Central lawn and borders














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