“THE SHAMBLES” is a private country garden in Montville , Queensland


THE CENTENARY OF ANZAC WEEKEND  Saturday 25th,                 Sunday 26th APRIL 2015     10.00a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

“The Shambles”   85 Western Ave Montville 4560

To benefit Legacy Australia, Admission $8, Children free

Also open on the ANZAC weekend are local  gardens            Montville Macadamery” 41 Mill Hill Rd. Montville   Open 10-4 30pm.   Admission $8, Children Free

“Williamson garden” 321 Western Avenue, Montville Open 10-4 30pm.   Admission $8, Children Free

COPIES OF our book  “A GARDEN FOREVER” STILL AVAILABLE                                        To those who attended, thank you for helping us launch  our new very limited edition book “A Garden Forever”  on the 24th January2015 .  To obtain a copy                                                                                                                          Email shambles@southernphone.com.au                                          or from  Rosettas Bookshop, 30 Maple Street,  Maleny  54352134                             Books on sale $60.00 cash, cheque or direct debit with complimentary copies of ‘Overlooked and over the Fence” and DVD a “Garden in the Rain” while stocks last. Postage $12

“A Garden Forever, Dreams, Stories, Heritage and History”   Kyleigh and Dr. Michael Simpson, 2014  ISBN 978-0-987-1375-4-8 Our latest book entitled “A Garden Forever, Dreams, Stories, Heritage and History” explores the origins of a domestic garden and how to write its history from pre-European times, through days of farming and early settlement up to the present day of ornamental gardening. We believe that this colourful book will be of vital interest to gardeners, but also genealogists and those with an interest in local, social and garden history. We hope it will serve as a template for writing domestic garden history. The history of a garden has as much to do with people as it does the physical garden so we have included stories and impressions written by family & friends and recorded timelines and the many events which have attracted thousands of garden visitors. This is a picture book filled with colourful photographs, maps and drawings embedding the sense of permanence which comes from realising that our garden will outlive us through its written history as well as its physical survival.  Finally this book celebrates the curatorial task of identifying, recording and referencing the thousands of plants in hundreds of genus, species and cultivars in a plant collection which has grown over 22 years. Rather than a dry scientific list the garden inventory has been attempted in a way which makes it more readable and accessible to the home gardener.  This self-published book has been printed in Brisbane when most books are being printed in China.  The book will retail for $55.00 and a complimentary copy of “Over the Fence and Over Looked” a colourful hardcover book (2009) &Dvd “A garden in the Rain” will be included in your order while stocks last. Available from the author’s shambles@southernphone.com.au

Copies of ‘Overlooked and over the Fence”  with a  DVD    “A Garden in the Rain” can be purchased seperately for $25 + postage while stocks last. contact shambles@southernphone.com.au 

“The Shambles”  is a name we gave the garden about 20 years ago.

 A little over 100 years ago the land around us in Montville changed from  rainforest of special significance to the indigenous Gubbi Gubbi people during their “Bonyi Bonyi” festivals, to a source of timber and then cleared for dairying and agriculture, namely strawberries,  pineapples, citrus fruit and other orchard crops.

About 30 years ago things started to change again and land cleared for agriculture and orchards started to grow trees and shrubs again for private residential  gardens

For more than twenty years we have built up an extensive plant collection around our century old farmhouse. We have a registered collection of “Heritage Roses” and perennial Salvias in a garden with thousands of plants in hundreds of genus from around the world.

For the last 14 years many visitors have trod our garden paths and enjoyed “Open Garden” visits, Book Launches and Bus trips.

We hope you enjoys reading this site and following our gardens story. 

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Welcome to our country Garden at Montville in Queensland